What’s Obra

Bravery, flexibility and transparency

We specialize in digital design for FinTech, Crypto, EdTech, Marketing, and Industrial niches, including website design, brand identity, and special projects.

Our work is organized into weekly sprints, ensuring predictable results and a transparent process.

In addition, our marketing expertise ensures deep understanding of SEO, context, and traffic generation.

Our strengths

How we work

In our work, we prioritize a sequential approach: we start with a general understanding and planning, then gradually move to refining specific details in order to achieve the best and most accurate results.

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Responsiveness in collaboration

Thanks to the relatively small size of our studio, we easily become your adaptable and responsive partner. We engage with your project, taking into account metrics and challenges, and take the lead in addressing design and marketing issues.

No strict technical specifications

We don't insist on stringent technical specifications. Instead, our approach implies understanding and evaluating your tasks through effective communication, allowing us to commence work promptly and with high efficiency.

Design and marketing fusion

Our team consists not only of designers but also seasoned marketers. This enables us to approach the project from various angles, taking into account marketing considerations when crafting designs.

Clear workflow

We use Figma for real-time progress tracking, allowing you to monitor the process actively and ensuring adherence to deadlines and quality outcomes. Regular progress discussions aim to surpass your expectations.

Our best practice

How we work

Our main priority is not only the visual aspect but also achieving specific results for our clients. Our work process is fully transparent. Check out our case studies to see the detailed descriptions of goals, tasks, and our work process.

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Our client’s reviews

"They were a professional and dependable firm that knew how to create outstanding designs.”
“This is our best experience with a design studio.”
"Their true love of design, metaphor, and message was impressive. They were really passionate.”
They were transparent regarding their pricing.

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