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A corporate website serves as a powerful tool for attracting new clients, showcasing company’s information, and promoting the brand.
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What’s the

Competitive Analysis

Our corporate website development service includes a competitive analysis, which is delivered as a comprehensive comparative table. This provides valuable insights and a solid foundation for creating a unique design.

Competitive Differentiation

With effective design and content, you will attract the attention of your audience and stand out among the competitors. A corporate website will help generate sales and accurately present information about your products.

design concept and visual style

We gather mood boards, references, refine visual techniques, and create sketches for your future website. Our goal is to establish the visual and stylistic foundation of your website, revealing its essence through imagery.

Thoughtful web design

You will receive a meticulously designed and functional website with all necessary pages, including unique and technical pages like a "Thank You" and a 404 error pages. We also work with content and carefully plan the structure of the website.

Responsive design

The website design will be optimized on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This will ensure maximum convenience and accessibility for all users.

Design system

We will create a design system for your website, including a UI Kit, favicon, Open Graphs, and all essential materials for developers. This is an important component to ensure consistency, development, and further growth of your website.

Results in numbers

We've done


Visual style
For the anti-agency, Teamlex, we’ve created a website that led to increased sales and private investment, building a trustworthy brand for growth.



4 weeks

design time




user tests
Design support
As part of design support, we update content for Teamlex, page layouts, and create new ones (How It Works, Talents, Talent Cart). Additionally, we develop visuals for Solutions cards, niche-specific pitch decks, and commercial proposals.


additional layouts + style applications


user tests

40+ weeks

design time
View case and work process in Figma

Why Obra?

Why us?

Full-fledged partnership

Thanks to our small studio size, we become your flexible and prompt partner. We deeply immerse ourselves in your task, considering metrics and issues, and display initiative in solving design and marketing challenges.

No rigid specifications

We don't require rigid technical specifications; instead, we aim to identify and analyze your tasks through communication. This enables us to start working quickly and efficiently.

Design & Marketing synergy

Our team comprises not only designers but also experienced marketers, allowing us to view the project from different perspectives and create designs considering marketing aspects.

Transparent process

We use Figma, allowing you to track the work progress in real-time. We adhere to set deadlines and final results and regularly discuss progress with you to surpass expectations.

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Budget Upwork designer

from $2000

from $25/per hour


  • Low cost


  • Works strictly by the specifications
  • Low visual level
  • Risks for the brand
  • Requires management
  • No consideration for feedback
  • No team and outsider's perspective
  • Limited range of design tools
  • Handles only one task at a time
Standard design studio

from $4000

from $50/per hour


  • Management
  • Team with a diverse perspective
  • Fewer risks for the brand
  • Wide range of design tools
  • Adequate visual level


  • High cost
  • Lack of industry experience
  • Client feedback is poorly considered
  • Slow decision-making speed
Obra studio

from $2500

from $35/per hour


  • Favorable cost
  • High decision-making speed
  • Wide range of design tools
  • High visual level
  • Management
  • Team with a diverse perspective
  • Fewer risks for the brand
  • Industry experience present
  • Client feedback is considered


  • Handles only one task at a time


Project lifecycle
Step 1
We prepare and sign the contract, as well as conduct a briefing
Step 2
Payment is received, project starts on Monday
Step 3
Design process
Step 4
Final payment upon the project completion

Design process

Step by step

Design analysis

Your voice is important to us. Therefore, we dive into your product, studying the details and conducting competitor research.

Visual research

Using the gathered data, we brainstorm ideas and metaphors that truly represent your product. We seek to capture the mood, references, and establish visual consistency.

Design materials

At this stage, we piece together the style and design the style applications. We present the outcome and refine it as needed, developing the style and finalizing everything necessary.

Design guidelines

At the final stage, we compile the style guidelines. We will package everything and transfer all materials to your Figma account.

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How we speak


A group chat will be created on WhatsApp where we can discuss and resolve any issues promptly with you.

This will ensure fast communication and effective collaboration for the successful completion of your project.


Regular online meetings on Wednesdays and Fridays are crucial for discussing the current direction of work and showcasing the results.

You will be actively involved in the process, and together we’ll steer the design in the right direction.

The End?

We help

We will support you!

After the completion of the project, we will be providing the free feedback on your design usage for one month.

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Improve the visibility of your website, attract a larger customer base, and generate more traffic with our SEO service. Discover our successful case study.
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Site optimization
Page speed
Outreach links
An IT School for kids that offers study of programming with a variety of tools: from Scratch programming language to C++ and even through Roblox.


of users come through organic search


organic traffic income


keywords in semantic kernel


ranking factors affected
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