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No-code development

Quickly, reliably, and flexibly, we will develop your website on the Webflow CMS platform without incurring any unnecessary financial expenses on devs.
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What’s the

Time saving

Webflow CMS empowers website development without using code, enabling us to build your project as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. You could have a brand new website, sleek and engaging, in just a few weeks.

Cost savings on DevOps

Custom website development requires investments in servers, DNS, and hiring personnel for configuration, leading to additional expenses. However, with Webflow, everything is much simpler – you pay once and get everything you need without any hassle.

Optimized for SEO

Webflow is an optimized engine and CMS that takes into account search engine standards, setting it apart from classical custom websites. By using the ready-made backend, implementing frontend on Webflow, and adhering to basic SEO rules, the site will be efficiently optimized.

Easy to use independently

Webflow CMS is straightforward and easy to use with its user-friendly interface. Now your marketing team won’t need to call for devs every time you need to make a post.

Versatile Webflow integration

Webflow is compatible with JS and most of the popular technologies. Whichever custom feature you need, Webflow can do it.

Results in numbers

We've done


JS integrations
Commada's proxies and APIs scan open web sources, curating data to fit business needs. A comprehensive solution for collecting, parsing, and delivering search results data.


cost per project

3 weeks

Webflow development


pages were developed

4 screens

dev for wide screen, laptop, tablet and mobile

Why Obra?

Why us?

Full-fledged partnership

Thanks to our small studio size, we become your flexible and prompt partner. We deeply immerse ourselves in your task, considering metrics and issues, and display initiative in solving design and marketing challenges.

No rigid specifications

We don't require rigid technical specifications; instead, we aim to identify and analyze your tasks through communication. This enables us to start working quickly and efficiently.

Design & Marketing synergy

Our team comprises not only designers but also experienced marketers, allowing us to view the project from different perspectives and create designs considering marketing aspects.

Transparent process

We use Figma, allowing you to track the work progress in real-time. We adhere to set deadlines and final results and regularly discuss progress with you to surpass expectations.


Project lifecycle
Step 1
We prepare and sign the contract with you
Step 2
Payment is received, project starts on Monday
Step 3
Development process
Step 4
Final payment upon the project completion

Dev process

Step by step


We start by briefing based on the task, conducting a thorough audit of the design layouts and assets, providing improvement recommendations if necessary, and picking the right tools for the job.


We develop the website page by page. Once a week you’ll receive progress updates. This stage includes work on motion, QA testing, and test set-up on Webflow.

Feedback session

We hand over the project to you ready to stage, collect your feedback, and make all the necessary edits.


We help you pick the right traffic plan and connect the domain. We’ll also provide you with a thorough CMS guide, as well as just general help on getting used to Webflow.


After meticulous development, we hand over the completed project to you and oversee the process of publishing your live website.

Ready to begin?

Take the next step and reach out to us. Let’s start your project with our efficient workflow.
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How we speak


A group chat will be created on WhatsApp where we can discuss and resolve any issues promptly with you.

This will ensure fast communication and effective collaboration for the successful completion of your project.


Regular online meetings on Wednesdays and Fridays are crucial for discussing the current direction of work and showcasing the results.

You will be actively involved in the process, and together we’ll steer the design in the right direction.


We utilize Jira for efficient work organization and project management. With Jira, you have visibility into current tasks, their assigned owners, and their respective statuses.

This ensures transparency, effective planning, and regular updates on task progress.

The End?

We help

We will support you!

After the completion of the project, we will be providing the free feedback on your design usage for one month.

Need website design too?

Save time! No need to search for separate specialists. Our team will create an design and develop your website.
We've done


Visual style
For the anti-agency, Teamlex, we’ve created a website that led to increased sales and private investment, building a trustworthy brand for growth.



4 weeks

design time




user tests
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