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Improve the visibility of your website, attract a larger customer base, and generate more traffic to your site with our professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service.
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What’s the

Increased Visibility

Our SEO approach boosts your website's search ranking, increasing visibility to potential customers, who are searching for relevant products or services. Enhanced visibility leads to more opportunities to attract and convert leads into customers.

Targeted Traffic

We drive targeted traffic, maximizing conversions. Through collaboration with you, we create compelling content that fits your target audience, maximizing engagement.

Better User Experience

Optimizing your website for SEO benefits both search engines and users. Our SEO approach focuses on enhancing user experience by optimizing content. This ensures your website is user-friendly, fast-loading, and provides relevant information.

Long-Term Benefits

Choosing SEO is a long-term investment that yields ongoing benefits beyond the initial optimization. With consistent SEO efforts, your website will maintain higher search rankings and attract a growing stream of traffic over time.

Results in numbers

We've done


Site optimization
Page speed
Outreach links
An IT School for kids that offers study of programming with a variety of tools: from Scratch programming language to C++ and even through Roblox.


of users come through organic search


organic traffic income


keywords in semantic kernel


ranking factors affected

Why Obra?

Why us?

Full-fledged partnership

Thanks to our small studio size, we become your flexible and prompt partner. We deeply immerse ourselves in your task, considering metrics and issues, and display initiative in solving design and marketing challenges.

No rigid specifications

We don't require rigid technical specifications; instead, we aim to identify and analyze your tasks through communication. This enables us to start working quickly and efficiently.

Design & Marketing synergy

Our team comprises not only designers but also experienced marketers, allowing us to view the project from different perspectives and create designs considering marketing aspects.

Transparent process

We use Figma, allowing you to track the work progress in real-time. We adhere to set deadlines and final results and regularly discuss progress with you to surpass expectations.


Project lifecycle
Step 1
We analyze website, make a suitable estimate, and sign the contract with you
Step 2
Payment is received, first optimization month starts
Step 3
SEO process continues as estimated
Step 4
Final payment comes after our final report

SEO process

Step by step

Semantic kernel assembly

Keywords are the basis of search engines. We’ll collect the most relevant of them and predict the traffic that can be obtained when optimizing the site for these queries.

Architecture planning

After collecting the semantic kernel, we plan improvements and extensions in the current architecture of your project to cover the largest number of keywords.

Technical analysis

Whoosh – and everything works. We analyze the technical condition of the site (search engines point of view) and give recommendations for correcting all the errors found.

Meta-tags and content

Titles, Descriptions, H1 and texts: everything should be useful and relevant to our semantic kernel. We assembly full list of meta tags and give recommendations for revision or writing optimized texts.

Audit and full report

Finally, we will check the implementation of all recommended edits, and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the entire SEO process.

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Take the next step and reach out to us. Let’s start your project with our efficient workflow.
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How we speak


A group chat will be created on WhatsApp where we can discuss and resolve any issues promptly with you.

This will ensure fast communication and effective collaboration for the successful completion of your project.


Regular online meetings on Wednesdays and Fridays are crucial for discussing the current direction of work and showcasing the results.

You will be actively involved in the process, and together we’ll steer the design in the right direction.


We utilize Jira for efficient work organization and project management. With Jira, you have visibility into current tasks, their assigned owners, and their respective statuses.

This ensures transparency, effective planning, and regular updates on task progress.

Upgrade your design

Enhance your online presence and make your website more appealing and functional through thoughtful design.
We've done


Visual style
For the anti-agency, Teamlex, we’ve created a website that led to increased sales and private investment, building a trustworthy brand for growth.



4 weeks

design time




user tests
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